Our Initiative

Launching ICare2Work

This new initiative was introduced at the 2018 ICare4Autism National Conference at the United States Congressional Auditorium.  In response to the expressed needs of the national speakers and experts in the field a specialized software system is in the first phase of development known as ICare2Work.app. The ICare2Work users are connected to job and apprenticeship opportunities based on their profiles so they view data sets that pertain to their skill sets.


An Estimated 90% of adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are unemployed.

Never Held a Job

Among 25-year-olds with ASD, 50% of them have never held a paying job.

Post-High School

66% of adults with ASD will be unemployed in the two years after they leave high school.

Businesses that hire people with disabilities see many benefits that include high rates of productivity, strong dedication, and greater engagement at work.

Robert D. Austin & Gary P. PisanoHarvard Business Review

The Need for Our Work